Full Monty Race Instructions

Instructions will be published here later in the year


Full Monty-cute 10mile Trail Race

Route Description.

Ham Hill Centre, Ham Hill Country Park, Stoke sub Hamdon, Somerset.

The Ham hill centre is at the top of the hill and several parking areas are available . Please park neatly and where directed, if you can share please do so. The start is near the centre and the Prince of Wales Pub which opens early for Tea and coffees and Sunday lunch (pre-booking is advisable). We have our own caterers who will do Teas, coffees and quality Bacon baps etc. We usually have some ladies who have cakes for sale in aid of Help for Heroes Charity.

    The race has 10 designated Hills in the just over 10 miles. There are other what we call small ascents but nothing to write home about. Conditions will be muddy and slippery please wear off road shoes!

Crewkerne running club provide over 40 marshalls to ensure a safe  and friendly race. This is a tough race which if conditions are bad make it extra challenging.

     In the first mile the route passes a 'modern' stone circle and then up to the war memorial. After a small but steep descent with wonderful airy views the route heads back to the Ham Hill centre before heading out to the Time stone sculpture and the first mile point.

    It should be stressed that the next 2 miles are very tough and the hardest  hills of the whole route will be tackled. So please take it easy and keep a gap to the runner in front so you can see your footings.

    From mile 1 we follow the path into Hedgecock Woods. The paths are quite flat but very muddy.

You will then drop down to the 2 mile point and St Michaels Hill. This has a twist. You will spend the best part of a mile circling and climbing this hill. Look out for the views of Montacute House and those runners 5 minutes behind you and in front.

After a while you will emerged into a field which will take you up to St Michaels. This first 'rise will be followed by some flat running but 2 more hills before exiting this area. The route here has been revised as the first hill with the 'rope' is no longer available to us. 

    From here you will drop down via a permissive path to Abbey Farm and the 3 mile point. From here you will tackle hill 3 to a minor road crossing. This will take you into a deer park that leads across to the base of Ladies walk. (National Trust)

This we hope will then be familiar to those who have run the event when we used to Start at Montacute House. You will now follow the original route for the best part of six and a half miles.

         Climbing Ladies walk you will reach the 4 mile point before crossing the Odcombe road. This will lead you to the first drinks stop which overlooks the Witcombe Valley (site of Medieval village). A short descent is followed by a stiff short climb of Horses Wood (Hill 5). From this point it is a sweeping down hill run to a Lake (Part of the old Montacute Estate). From this point it is flat and easy running to beyond the 5 miles point.

We cross the Hocker Hill track (Marshal point) and start to climb Hill 6 through a Laurel Wood and up onto The High Wood to reach the 6 miles point. From here it is a drop to Bagnell Farm and then a slight rise (Hill 7) then along a section of farm track to drop past a pond.

    The next hill (number 8) Pease Hill is climbed to the second drink Station (A festive affair thanks to Tamsin). From the watering hole (7 miles) the runner then has a flat section  before a descent to a marshal point. This section can be tough on ankles so take care.  From here we go along an enclosed path to beyond 8 miles. After some steps we take a sharp left along a farm track to reach Tinkers bubble. From here we then climb hill 9. From near the top we enter the Witcombe Valley. We drop down and then up to the 9 mile point and drinks number 3. From this festive drinks stop the route follows the rim of the valley before climbing to the top of the Ramparts of Ham Hill Fort (Hill 10). A nice flat but exposed section follows, where you can see those behind in the valley.

After a road crossing another flat section leads to the 10 mile point and Time stone sculpture . From this point we have a short run back to the finish along a track, over a small rise and there it is the finish.

All finishers receive a Christmas pudding. Category winners are given trophies crafted from the local Hamstone and other goodies.