Parrett Trail Relay 2017 Trial

Due to circumstances, including the sad loss of one of the key organisers, the Parrett Trail Relay race has not been a published event for 2017 as it could not be run in its traditional format.

However, we are trialing a revised format of the race on Saturday 7 October this current year [see outline below] with the aim of reviving the formal event in 2018.

We will be running this trial informally with several 'home' teams to mimic a published event and test the set up.  With this in mind, we would warmly welcome teams from other clubs to join us, to give the revised format a proper workout.

While this would be a purely social affair [no fees, prizes or permits] we would anticipate some runners being competitive, wishing to set benchmark times for the various legs while hunting for team and personal glory.


Outline of Revised Format:

The race will comprise two baton style relays, each having up to four separate defined legs, with real-time handovers between the legs.

The first relay will start at 09:00hrs at Steart marshes and run through to Langport, finishing from about midday onward.  The second relay will start around 13:00hrs, running from Langport through to the traditional finish at Winyards.

Honours will be awarded based on the overall time to complete the whole race, being the accumulated time taken for both relays.

Competing teams will be expected to 'self navigate' and 'self support' between the start and finish of each relay, as well as record their individual leg times [to be 'handed in' at finish for use in the final results table].

Individual legs will average around 10k, long enough to be a worthy test but short enough to allow for multiple contiguous legs to be run by keen individuals.  Also the Langport intermission should allow for some regrouping of the quicker and slower teams, while still keeping the feel of a continuous event.  Check out the links below for lots more information about the relays, the routes and the arrangements.

Overview of event
Relay 1 Leg 1 Leg 2 Leg 3 Leg 4
Relay 2 Leg 5 Leg 6 Leg 7 Leg 8
Key notes & information

Details are still being worked through, so keep watching this space for information and updates.