Leg 2: Combwich to Bridgwater

Start at Combwich Harbour - End by Bridgwater Canal Lock  [13k]



From start by red and white buoy/obelisk run onto Riverside lane with harbour on LHS.

⇓          • Beware traffic


At end of Riverside lane go left through barriers & over bridge, then immediately left along private road.

⇓          • Beware pedestrians and traffic


By EDF gate turn right onto track and immediately left onto PT signed footpath signs.

⇓          • Footpath meets small lane, watch out for occasional traffic


At lane go right along new short diversion path which goes left at end to cross lane

⇓          • Beware pedestrians and traffic


Reaching river turn right and keep following continuous riverside path, passing through numerous metal gates.  Pass weird and wacky wooden seat along the way.

⇓          • Mixed underfoot conditions


At Stallington's Clyce sluice, with wall on LHS, go through gates and continue along riverside footpath. [Note: May have temporary diversion path around feature].

⇓          • Mixed underfoot conditions


Short left right kink in path before passing ponds on RHS. Follow riverside footpath.

⇓          • Mixed underfoot conditions


Reaching outskirts of Bridgewater join tarmac path and go through subway below A39. Keep following riverside path.

⇓          • Beware of cyclists and pedestrians


Follow Saltlands Avenue alongside river, bearing left at junction with Linham Road.

⇓          • Beware traffic


At slight kink in Linham Road join gravelly footpath rising onto riverbank.

⇓          • Beware of pedestrians and dogs


Reaching canal basin follow path between railings, going quickly right before left onto Chilton Street and toward traffic lights.

⇓          • Beware short flight of steps and numerous pedestrians


Reaching traffic lights, bear right crossing road and then follow alongside marina. Lots of boats now on your LHS.

⇓          • Keep eyes peeled for bollards as you sprint toward finish, or your day could end very painfully!


Handover point for leg is at far end of marina, adjacent to footbridge over canal and by lock - Yippee!


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