Overview of trial event

We are trialing a revised format of the race on Saturday 7th October this current year [see outline below] with the aim of reviving the event formally in 2018 and hopefully attracting a broad spectrum of local and more distant teams.

The trial race will be run informally with several 'home' teams to mimic a published event and test the set up.  With this in mind, we would warmly welcome teams from other clubs to join us, to give the revised format a proper workout.

While this would be a purely social affair [no fees, prizes or permits] we fully anticipate some runners being competitive, wishing to set benchmark times for the various legs while hunting for team and personal glory.

Given the history of the event and its traditional following, we anticipate between ten and fifteen teams participating on the day. 

Outline of Revised Format:

The race will comprise two baton style relays, each having four separate defined legs, with real-time handovers between the legs.

The first relay, comprising Legs 1-4, will start at 09:00hrs at Steart marshes and run through to Langport, finishing from about midday onward.  The second relay, comprising Legs 5-8, will start around 13:00hrs, running from Langport through to the traditional finish at Winyards.

Honours will be awarded based on the overall time to complete the whole race, being the accumulated time taken for both relays.

Competing teams will be expected to 'self navigate' and 'self support' between the start and finish of each relay, as well as record their individual leg times [to be 'handed in' at finish for use in the final results table].

Individual legs are broadly around 10k, long enough to be a worthy test but short enough to allow for multiple contiguous or alternate legs to be run by keen individuals.  Also the Langport intermission should allow for some regrouping of the quicker and slower teams, while still keeping the feel of a continuous event.

Teams can contain up to 8 members, with each member running one leg only.  Smaller teams will obviously need some runners to do multiple legs.   While it is technically possible for an extreme 'ultra' runner to do the entire distance as a team of 1, we anticipate teams will generally comprise between 4-8 members.  Team honours will be awarded for all male teams, all female and mixed teams.

A 30 minute 'Hare & Hounds' lead time can be available in each of the two relays, by prior arrangement, for teams of a more leisurely disposition.

Click this link for the Team & Time sheet

Extent of relays and component legs with estimated distances*

First Relay:-

Leg 1: Steart Marshes to Combwich [11.5k]

Leg 2: Combwich to Bridgwater Marina [13k]

Leg 3: Bridgwater Marina to Burrowbridge [12.0k]

Leg 4: Burrowbridge to Langport [9.0k]

Second Relay:-

Leg 5: Langport to Kingsbury Episcopi [8.5k]

Leg 6: Kingsbury Episcopi to Ham Hill [10.3k]

Leg 7: Ham Hill to Haselbury Mill [10.6k]

Leg 8: Haselbury Mill to Winyard's Gap [8.7k]

For route maps, directions and specific guide notes see the menu pages for the individual legs.

* Distances given are gleaned from a combination of map estimates, conversions from previous route measurements and some GPS data.  They are a good indication but not expected to be exact.


Running in the 'Trial' event:

Clubs wishing to join us in running this 'Trial' will be very welcome.  To register an interest and to make sure that we have enough batons and timing sheets available, could you please use the contact email as shown below to let us know.  Also, if you have any queries, comments or ideas about the plan, feel free to append them.

There is no fee for this event, but as we have traditionally used the Parrett Trail Relay to raise funds for Cancer Research UK there will be an opportunity to put any unwanted change into a collection point at the Winyard's Gap finish.

Contact email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Note: Page last updated 25/09/2017.  Keep watching for more information and updates.