Entry form


The countdown is now over and at last you can get your hands on an entry form.


Find the attachment at the bottom of the page after you looked at all the teasers below.


Answers to the teasers we asked:-

For the fourth teaser we asked, where is this narrow squeeze to be found?
This tight spot is on leg 6 near the Parrett Works to the West of Martock and Bower Hinton.

For the third teaser we asked, where is this most stylish seat to be found?
Well, if you need a rest on leg 2 then it might come in handy, as its not long after Combwich.

For the second teaser we asked, where you are most likely to see one of these little beauties?
You may be surprised that we still have a home grown car industry and that the leg 7/8 handover is almost standing on the doorstep of the Ariel Motor Company, who make the iconic Arial Atom as seen in the picture.  So the answer is in and around the Haselbury and Crewkerne area.

However, for one lucky runner, the answer will be when you win the spot prize to visit the factory and have a ride in one of the Ariel cars.

This first teaser was the old railway abutments, as seen on Leg5, between Langport & Thorney


Nearer race day, there may be a few more teasers to have a go at [which will be all the more simple for those that have already checked out the route - hint hint]. 


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