Results 2016

Full results are available, see attachments below

NB: Please shout when any details are wrong or missing.

Any PB's at Langport 10k, or earlier events, please do shout. Just captured Darren & I suspect Tom at 35'01.

How it works in brief:

SLAM Tables - the club challenge to all members to complete an official race, of 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon, during the year BUT before we buy prizes, pre Christmas dinner. 

Grand SLAM - As above but adding an ultra marathon.

Championship Tables - members are divided into groups, boys, girls, under and over 50. One event, approx. one per month, is nominated. First home in each group gets 30 points. Second home 29 points etc.

To make it a bit more interesting ..

  • Championship PB bonus points are up for grabs at certain events. [PB = best time since 1/1/2014, or your first 10k since 1/1/14]
  • 2 club handicap events included in the list where everyone has an equal chance.. of sorts ;0)
  • 2 Montecute parkrun events are included where we take the finish position, using the parkrun age grading system.