Championship Rules

Running club members are grouped into 4 gender, age groups. Male & Female, <50 and 50+.

The age groups are based on your age on the 1st Jan at the start of year. Please inform organiser as soon as possible if you are put in the wrong category.


Points are gained at the listed events, based on your finish position. NB: Except where an event is flagged as age graded.

The first Crewkerne member gets 30 points. The second gets 29 points and so on.

Results will be published as we progress through the year.

Extra event bonus points

1 bonus point is added for each event, in excess of the minimum 5 events, up to a maximum of 3, in the year. So to get all 3 of these bonuses you will need to complete 8+ championship races.

Personal Best (PB) bonus points

Certain events will have a 1 point PB opportunity. See event list for which events.

To get a PB point it needs to be your fastest time in the last 2 years and the year to date. So in the 2018 Championship, be faster than 2016, 2017 and 2018 year to date.

If it is the first time you have completed that distance, in an official race, in the same time period, that earns 1 PB point too.

Please inform the championship organiser when PB’s are achieved at these events. Any bonus points achieved will be added to your final score.

Please enter races as Crewkerne RC. If any results are missed or appear wrong, please say.

For events to count, you will need to be a paid up member at the time.

Parkrun PB bonus points

At the detailed parkrun event you will need to be listed in the results as having achieved a PB in that event. ie Based on Montecute parkrun specific times. This is not limited to last 2-3 years.

At the end of the year

Each member’s top 5 event scores will be added up and there will be one winner in each age, gender category.

Another, Championship award will go to the man and woman with the highest total score from their best 10 events plus any bonus points.  



To recognise the achievements of runners stretching themselves over a variety of distances.

Every member completing a full suite of event distances during the year will receive some kind of prize at the Xmas Dinner.

Any official races, with published results, will count.

We will rely on members informing the organiser.

The SLAM: 5k, 10k, half marathon and marathon.

The GRAND SLAM: as above plus an ultra. [NB: A multi-day ultra is fine]

It is possible that someone might also achieve a multiple SLAM or GrandSLAM, eg. Double!