The Wambrook Waddle 10K

Considering this is part of the Club Championship I was surprised to see so few Crewkerne runners, but having spoken to a few people before the start I began to understand why.  The route is described as multi-terrain and undulating and that, it definitely is.

The route starts with a fast downhill until you meet a small river crossing.  This is the start of the longest climb on the route, through a wood up to the highest point.  I was proud to still have Dave Carnell in my sights, but inevitably at the first hint of any slight downhill Dave was off!!

I continued to have a bit of a duel with a Chard Runner and a few others from Axe Valley up and down the next few hills but then found myself on my own for much of the 2nd half of the run.  With just over 1Km to go I thought I had seen the last of the hills, but no, there was one last energy zapping grassy climb up to the road then down to the finish.

Even though it is a tough 10K I would definitely recommend it to anyone as the scenery is beautiful.



Position Time Christian Surname Club
1 00:39:42 Christian Green Wells City Harriers
16 00:50:09 Adam Pattemore Crewkerne RC
28 00:53:58 David Carnell Crewkerne RC
35 00:55:58 Darren Frost Crewkerne RC
60 01:04:50 Kirsten Irish Crewkerne RC
84 01:12:27 Nigel  Newbery Crewkerne RC
92 01:16:19 Rebecca Wetherall Crewkerne RC
104 01:40:00 Hilary Askew Crewkerne RC