Longer Evening Runs - Nick Sale

Autumn marathons, halves etc getting closer so looking to stretch some club night runs out bit more. Yay I hear you cry!?
We did longer last Tuesday but only Facebook ers had any warning. Sorry about that.
So this Tuesday I can look after a medium pace group, approx 8-8 1/2 min miles ish for 10-13 miles. Last week was road so suggest xc this week. Eg. Wynyards gap? Not precious about route or terrain though.
Im also up for doing longer, slow (12ish min miles max at mo) runs Thursdays as often as poss eg. 8-10 miles for now..  when my Eve is out too, if any takers? Will be some bits walked until we get fitter! ⯑ sorry Eve! Not this week though because of Haselbury trail 10km on Wednesday.

Hope this helpful.