Parrett Trail Relay Race Trial

As CRC members you are probably aware that we were unable to formally promote the race this year.  However, we are hoping to properly revive the event in 2018 and with this in mind we are planning to 'trial' a revised format of the race on Saturday 7th October, this current year.

The idea is to divide the race into two baton style relays, running firstly from Steart to Langport and then from Langport to Winyards.  Each relay will have four separate defined legs, with teams 'self navigating' and 'self supporting' between the start and finish of each relay.

Individual legs average around 10k, long enough to be a bit testing but short enough to allow multiple contiguous legs to be run by keen individuals.  The intermediate Langport finish/start should help regroup quicker and slower teams, while still keeping the feel of a continuous event.

Overall time to complete the whole race and to assign team honours will be the accumulated time taken for both relays.  Individual leg times will be recorded by the teams themselves and given to the organisers at the finish so a full results table can be produced.

There's lots more information being added to the web site [] about what we're actually up to, so please check this out.

We will be running the trial informally [no fees, prizes or permit] with a number of 'home' and invited teams to try and mimic a published event and assess the viability of the new arrangements.  With this in mind we are hoping to get several CRC teams together, to both participate on the day and if possible to do recce runs of as many legs as possible before then.

To get things rolling we really need to get an idea of who would like to run in the event and particularly who fancies being head honcho of a team.  Also, if anyone has a hankering to help with the organising side of things that would be great to know.

For his sins, Dave 'Downhill' Carnell will be coordinating the 'Trial', so if you could bend his ear on the matter or, in case he's gone into hiding, drop him an email [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.] that would be super.