Tuesday Training

Wow – there were 25 runners taking part in the last Tuesday training session. It was great to see so many of you there and I hope you “enjoyed” it and got some benefit from it. Some structured training, where you work a bit beyond your normal comfort zone, will help to improve general fitness and speed. It is good for everyone regardless of ability. This type of training works best if done at least once a week so on the weeks we do not do a club session try to do either a speed session or some hill reps either on your own or buddy up with others to do it.

As most of you are doing the Yeovil half marathon in March I have scheduled the next few weeks training with that in mind. Below in the whole training schedule from when we started in January. The sessions get progressively harder either in terms of the number of reps, the pace or both. The next training session on Tuesday 13 February will be Week 3 from the schedule and we will continue every other week from there. Week 6 will be just before the Yeovil half. After then we will do a mixture of hill and speed sessions every other week if people want to continue. If anyone has any specific training needs or queries I am happy to help if I can.



WEEK 1 = 16 January


1200m Half marathon pace
400m Jog
200mX 2
10K pace Jog
200m 200m X 4 5K pace Jog


WEEK 2 = 30 January


1200m 600m X 2 10K pace Jog
800m 400m X 2 10K pace Jog
400m 5K pace
200m Jog


WEEK 3 = 13 February


1600m 600m X 2 10K pace Jog
200m 200m X 6 5K pace Jog


WEEKS 4 & 5 = 27 February & 13 March


800m 400m X 2 5K pace Jog
400m 5K pace
200m Jog
200m 5K pace
200m Jog
1200m 10K pace


WEEK 6 = 27 March


1200m 600m X 2 10K pace Jog
400m 200m X 4 5K pace Jog
200m 100m X 4 5K pace Jog