Rome Marathon 2018 - Tracy Symes

After once again failing to gain a place via the ballot for London I decided to sign up for the Rome Marathon thinking it would be lovely to run another city marathon in Europe.

Unfortunately things didn’t really go to plan, after finishing the 100 miles for the full 12 months of 2017, I ended up completely knackered and with a him injury so my training plan went out the window, the aim was getting fit and being able to run pain free before the day so I managed 2 long runs of 12 miles and 13 miles but apart from that there was plenty of rest and a few short runs.  With the 13 mile run being the Yeovil half marathon 2 weeks before where I managed to finish the run despite having 2 rather large blisters on the balls of each foot so no more running for me until the day itself.

Dave and I headed out to Rome the Friday before the race and found the Expo to collect my number and goodie bag and a very good goodie bag it was we were given a Rucksack and nice technical t-shirt.

Saturday was spent sight seeing by an open top bus tour as I refused to walk anywhere!  Needed to save my legs for race day as I was still rather worried I wasn’t going to finish.

Race day arrives and its an early start to get to the Coliseum for the 8.30am start, well that’s the start time for the first wave, the last (mine) went off at 8.52am.  We started by the Coliseum on the cobbled streets which to be honest aren’t my favourite thing to run on, it was warm but not too bad at that time of the morning and running through the streets we did at least have some shade.  The route takes in most of the city’s sights but there is a section that takes you away from the city centre out on to some much quieter streets where there were a few hills to tackle this wasn’t the worst thing about this section thought it was the fact there was no shade and it was starting to get very hot.

We ran past the Vatican and I’m sure the Pope was outside giving Sunday service as we ran past again this section was mainly cobbles.  I kept plodding along trying to keep myself as cool as possible, grabbing a sponge at the stations in between the drinks/fuel stations.

The final few miles were all on the cobbles and we ran along the foot of the Spanish steps before heading back to the Coliseum and the finish line.

I found Dave and headed to the nearest bar for a well deserved lager.

All in all it was a very well organised event, a little to warm for me and I wish I’d been able to train properly but I finished which I wasn’t sure I was going to at some points of the race.  My worst Marathon time ever but I finished well within the cut off time of 7 hours 30 mins.  So if like me you’re not a fast runner I’d recommend it just because of the generous cut off time.

My official time was 6 hours 38 mins 40 seconds, click here for the photos!