Ode to Lundy - a joint production by the CRC team, in the ships bar on way home, if that is helpful context!

At the feet of Verity, her sword raised high, 

piercing the silk blanket of blue sky
Sat the Oldenberg, arms open wide.
A mystical siren of the oceans, ready to ride!
We snuggled down into the comfort of her bosom..
the bar.

And off we went to Lundy,
Twas a Sunday

The sun glistening and sparkling on the ocean
like sparkling diamonds of the sea which can be held only in the hand

One day Nick (really Hilary and so glad you did) sent a text
And we all know what happened next.
A group of CRC’s finest flunkies..
plus Richard Clifton, Johno, Rich2, some with swim trunkies

Intros were made to John and Graham, Nicks pal from Screwfix
Also Richard Dodge, on the run, very kindly, joined the jolly mix.
Wildlife galore, on land and sea, like a Noahs Arc
Wild ponies, deer, seals and shark! (spot the odd object)

Long horn cows, unflustered and serene,
Lorded over the island scene
The lucky few spotted puffin
and after, hot runners swam, but not in nuffin.

In the heat the course was neat,
but at the finish line we all had sore feet.
Must mention the island urinal.. a view to behold,
Though best in summer, not in the cold!

and for the big finale!..

Both ways dolphins skipped across our wake, the passengers raucus
Reflecting our hearts of joy and we all knew this trip had a porpoise J

A great day out.. Thanks to all involved! What's next???