Boat Out Run Back 2018

Following the success of the Train Out Run Back event held a few months ago our captains were trying to think of other modes of transport we could use to make our runs a little special.  Today our intrepid runners embarked on a very enjoyable "Boat Out Run Back".

A boat was chartered from Lyme Bay Rib Charter to take Andy Dickinson, Darren Frost, Derek Boles, Tim Hoyle, Dave Rowe, Nick Sale, Eve Sale, Nigel Newberry, Paul Quinton and Matt Bryant from West Bay to Lyme Regis.  Reaching speeds up to 28 knotts this journey certainly did provide us with a different view of our running route back.

At Lyme Regis we were joined by Jenny Pocock, Rebecca Wetherall and Sarah Mcdermott and we set off on our run back to West Bay.  We agreed to run together until we got to Charmouth where we split in to two groups (well actually 3, sorry Nigel!) and continued on our way.

Group A followed the coast path all the way back to West Bay unlike group B who decided to take an alternative route along the beach from Eype to West Bay.

This was a very enjoyable event helped by some wonderful weather.  Thanks to Andy for chartering the boat.  If anyone has any other ideas for similar events please let us know.

On the boat

Coming in to Lyme


Charmouth Group

West Bay Group