Full Monty - Recce Run - 18 November

Monty Run Update: All is I hope now going to plan, Clive is probably about to have delivered about 150Kg of Christmas puddings, I have 300+ additional momentos ready to take up to the hill on the 2nd. On the way home from work I have placed a few advanced warning signs around accessible parts of the course. What I have not as yet managed to do is walk any of the route to check if it is clear. If anyone wants to organise any runs around the route to check things out I would appreciated it. Running it is much quicker than my walking pace on a Friday afternoon with failing light now the clocks go forward. I normally go around with a pair of Secateurs, but sometimes especially the High Wood section needs the pruning saw.  If anyone can report back areas that need targeting. If there are complete blockages then I can probably contact the rangers or the Footpath wardens. Martin Cook