Championship Park Run - Nick Sale

A great turnout for Montecute Parkrun this weekend, with many highlights! Really!

Firstly Welcome to Andy Miles – FirstTimer – which gets a PB point!

Then there is Martin Denman. It is so impressive and nice to have Martin, this long long standing club member, enjoying his running again. But more than enjoying it.. today taking the 80-84 Age group Record! Congratulations Martin.

Linda led the ladies home, on time and age grading for 30 points, with Roger picking up doggy duties and so sadly nil points aujourd’hui.

Tina had the overall highest age grading for ladies and so gains 30 points. Darren had a storming run, first male back for 30 points also. With Dave Carnell very close behind Darren & Andy Gould, taking 30 points for the seniors. Dave also had the overall highest age grading today.

& Then there are one or two PB’s gained today. This really is impressive as these guys have many parkruns to their names and 7 of them posting their fastest ever times there! So very well done Rebecca, Ann, Eve, Tina, Lesley, Darren and Marcus.

But well done everyone – lots more good runs in there and appearances back from injury

Championship park run.jpg

One more chance for championship points at the Bicton Blister! Exciting!!!

& please make sure you all let me know about SLAM events completed. We want as many winners as possible at the Christmas dinner, for a special prize!?

If you wondering about Age grading.. basically it assess your time relative to your age. There is a formulae.. which is explained on the parkrun website.