Blackdown Beast - Sarah McDermott

Was looking forward to this event as going into the unknown! Think Caroline, Rebecca and especially me were relying on the boys, Tim and George to get us round this route as self navigation. 

The weather was dry to begin with, a bit chilly but once we were off we all soon warmed up. 
The first part of the run was easy as we just followed the masses hoping they were going the right way!
The first leg was 7 miles of road, off road, mud, more mud and hills!! It was worth getting mucky as at the first stop we were treated to a pasty and mulled cider that went down very well! 
After a quick stop we were off again for another 3 miles till the next stop, a pub! The weather changed a bit as the wind picked up but thankfully no rain. On we plodded, the boys doing well with instructions and another thing we had to look out for were white pins stuck on post and trees which Rebecca did a good job at spotting them! 
By this stage the field of fine athletes were more spread but a group of ladies from Weston and more locally chard were always in sight.
We soon got to the pub (10 miles) where non of us had a pint, Tim had a coke, we did eat our sweets then onward to the next checkpoint to the smallest pub in Devon. 
After 4 miles of more hills going up, mud and some down hills (not much) we made it to the final checkpoint where this time George bought a half pint of local beer! We didn’t stop long as the finish was in sight, supposedly 3 miles left. 
On we went with the final climb. In the distance we could see the Weston ladies on top of a hill, we thought blimey we still got to go up there? But thankfully we were stood right by a gate with a pin on post so on we went the right way. Oh we did shout and whistle to the ladies and thankfully they heard us and turned around, we are a nice bunch!
On we went, through one field then another but went slightly wrong but nothing major, only had to come back down a lane to where we were back on track and the Weston ladies caught us up and thanked us for calling them back!
The chard ladies also were with us then so on we went, Rebecca spotting more pins and everyone following us now for the final mile. By then the rain started and we got back just in time as the rain got heavier. 
What a lovely route and well organised in the instructions, think we recommend this to you all especially anyone doing the grizzly next year, good training!
Thank you Tim for driving!