Humdinger Half - Sarah Mcdermott

I’ll keep this brief!! What can I say, hearing some of people’s tales about this event I was thinking I’m just going to run and not worry about time. I was hearing it wasn’t a very nice course, well the name isn’t very nice, and thought oh well just a morning run and a few championship points!
Meet a few other members who were brave enough to take this on, customary pre race picture, then of to the start line.
Once at the start, there was a race brief which we couldn’t hear, then we were off. The first hill was just before 2 miles and also a drink stop, which I gladly took up, then onwards and up wards!
Come mile 5 I spied a flood where crazy people just ran through it, I chikened out and ran along the bank!! A few miles on was another flood, to which thankfully wasn’t that deep. Then came to mile 6 and was told that this was the last hill, couldn’t believe it, but it was a big hill!! Once at top, it was a long drag oh and another flood which I had no choice but to get wet feet this time, oh and the heavens opened! Anyway, was worth it as after that it was downhill!!
All of a sudden we were at mile 10, I said to another runner, “I don’t remember seeing the 9 mile marker?!” Then a mile on there it was!! That was cruel!
Anyway just a park run to do so dig deep and keep going. Was a nice run in to the finish line and once crossed it I couldn’t believe my time, I finally beat my 2 and half hour time for a half marathon, well chuffed!!
I found this course not as bad as people say it is, you’ll have to try it to agree or disagree!!
Thank you Tracy for driving myself, Rebacca and Hilary!!

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