The Grizzly Cub 2019 - Sarah Mcdermott

Well due to unforeseen circumstances I took the sensible decision to down grade to the Cub although really I don’t think I should’ve been running at all!  Anyway, put a bit of K tape on and already ankle felt comfy so if I went to give this Cub ago. Arrived in plenty of time to change number then off to Costa so Darren could get his caffeine fix then to meet everyone else for club picture at 10am, then off to the start.

Started a couple minutes late as the town cryer was enjoying entertaining the crowd, a bit like Freddie Mercury  After his speech we were off.  Quite a few runners there today, as we went down to slope to beech, I looked towards where we were going and could just see hundreds of runners!
So on the beach we went, which I thought wasn’t too bad. I started with Nick, Eve and Jenny and stuck together until the first drinks stop. Had refreshments then carried on doing my own thing as my goal was to get round in one piece!

There were a few climbs to do then just before the Cub runners head back I managed to catch up with Nick and Eve and have a quick chat before I departed! Oh but had to run through the stream twice which was a bit chilly and knee height on me!
So along another beech, which was longer than the start and heading towards the  ‘Stairway to Heaven ‘. I thought that wasn’t as bad as I had heard, but was a bit concerned when the mountain rescue team were staggered up the climb!!
Once at the top, was a lovely bit of down hill heading to Beer where Clive and Elaine were watching and then up another climb! Managed that and then less than a mile I heard a Marshal say, off the road into a park and down the hill the finish was in sight.

Got to the bottom and headed towards the finish and as nice to see Tamsin and Lisa cheering me in as did fellow members Chris and Sarah W.
I thoughally enjoyed the Cub and was glad to get round unscathed.  Hopefully someone who ran the grizzly will do a report and sell it to me as I would definitely do the Cub again but the Grizzly?!