Glastonbury 10K - Sarah Mcdermott

Thought I’d do a wee write up on this event. For me and a few others this was the first time we’ve ran this so didn’t know what to expect. Collected our numbers and good quality t-shirts, meet the others from club for team photo then off to the start line. Sun was out at the beginning but as we were waiting at the start a huge cloud came along and stayed for the duration for us during the race which was perfect! After a few words from race organiser then the mayor we were off. Back down towards the town centre, passed a group of drummers drumming a good beat,through the finish line but no stopping yet, and then up a short hill and out of town. Before long the KM markings were popping up 2,3,4 then half way. Thankfully the roads were closed for the duration and made for good running. The route took us through Millfield school grounds where some children were beating on drums and handing out high fives and water. From there just over 2 k to go and was fairly flat, then down to 1k, turned a corner only to face a hill named the heart break hill, which my heart did break!! It wasn’t that long but I only managed to run a little up it. Once at the top a left turn then a right to which was downhill with the finish in sight. A nice run in to the end with the crowds cheering and a group of drummers still drumming. 

I wasn’t planning on doing a good time but ended up getting another PB for 10k as did most from club also got PB’s,(unfortunately no bonus points!) so making Martock 10k a bigger challenge! 
Overall it was a good course well organised and probably do again as a good t-shirt!!
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