Sunday Morning Fun with Clive

Rather a low turn out at club due to races and proably drink. Steve C Ian W Mathew B Tina H Linda n Zara. Foolishly i was chosen to sort a route.

A steady start up Church Valley always goes down well. Puffing and blowing we got to the top to admire the view. Down the track to Tuncombe and onto the road. Up the steps on left after Haunted House. After lifting one and striding over another electric fence i went thru the gate and onto the wooded path. Very nice was the general comment. That soon changed. Nettles. Mathew bravely strides forward, "give me a stick" i hand him rathew a large tree limb " to big" Just as well ad i hit a tree and it fell apart. He chose Linda's stick and makes his move with words of encouragement. After much thrashing about i concluded that the nettles were growing faster than he could lay them out. Give up.We turned to backtrack and 1 stride later ran into a sticky out branch with my head. Swears, but only once. "you allright" i hear is the obvious question, "am ok" i reply with blood oozing between my fingers. Tina, with full life support pack of a tissue hands one over.Onwards.

We soon encounter a double strung electric fence. "This is mine" says Linda . Ouch ! its on and to prove the point she electrocutes herself again. Had to laugh at this. Not to be outdone, Ian decides he would like to hold the wire to see what Linda did wrong, wack, he gets it as well. I imagine the power supply to Crewkerne was now depleted.

Onwards. Past the tennis courts, all now going well.

Steve took the wrong path after the lake and took us into the backwoods of Beadon Lane. I now took over and really screwed it up. Two wrong directions. Trapped by the trees. Retraced our footsteps to the path i knew and forever onward. Back over the fjelds to Broadshard and the safety of GRC.

I think we all enjoyed it. Well i did.😀😀