Twelve runners took part in our second beep test on Tuesday.   Becky and Andy Gould did the test in June and both improved their score.   A beep test is basically an individual fitness test.   We marked out a 20m section of flat road with two line markers.  The aim is to run from one line to the other before a timed audio beep.  After each 10 beeps the time between beeps reduces so you have to run a bit faster.  If you don’t get to the line before a beep, you have two more beeps to catch up or you stop.

We will do the beep test regularly so that members can see whether their fitness is improving.  Everyone is welcome to come along and join in even if you do not usually do the Tuesday training.  Results as follows.  Half the runners are super fit so well done.


SF = Super Fit

VF = Very Fit

F  =  Fit




Adam P


11.12 SF

Andy G

10.2 VF

11.3 SF



12.6 SF

Becky W

9.1 SF

9.11 SF

Chris R

9.2 VF


Darren F

11.5 SF


Ed Gould

12.1 VF


Ian W


8.4 VF

Jenny P


6.8 VF

Lauren B

7.3 VF


Nick S


13.2 SF

Nigel N


5.9 F

Sarah Mc



Steve C


10.11 SF

Stuart S



Tim M


8.9 F

Tracy S

5.2 F