Run from the Romans, Sarah McDermott

Thankfully the rain held off for this event but obviously there was a lot of mud!

There was a few of us from the club taking part, so we met for ‘team photo ‘ then the 10 milers went to the start. After their race brief they were off. So that left Hilary, myself and hopefully future members Rebacca Gould and Rachel Moores to listen to our race brief. It went on what seemed like ages and I was thinking the 10 milers will be passing us and starting their 2nd lap! Anyway after probably 10 minutes we were off.

In previous weeks I did a recce run with Andy, Tim, Rebacca and Rachel, trying to remember the course, which went not to badly, but come race day the course was a bit different so that completely threw me, hope the others were ok!! With night running it’s great looking back seeing all the head touches in line just following each other.
At one point we go down through the valley,which is part of the monty route, but was very slippery, proved by a guy in front of me who slipped then ended on his backside. I did check to see if he was fine before carrying on. My trusty new ‘Salomons’ did me proud, I felt like a 4x4 driving on snow. Going back up towards ham hill was very muddy but no choice in staying clean, just had to go through it! About 2 miles to go, a lady with a dog ran pass me then she tripped on a narrow path, again I checked she was ok to which she was! Made a change me staying on my feet!

Finally nearing the monument a Marshall was there with a cow bell to which he warned us of the narrow path and enjoy the view then he shouted my name and said “careful you don’t fall Sarah!” To which I replied “who’s that?” It was a guy from minster milers who remembered my fall at slay the dragon!!
Then the next Marshall after him also called out my name, again I said who’s that, after blinding him with my torch, it was Richard Clifton!! Nice to see a few people you know on route!
So down from the monument then finally trying to get back to the pub, the mist was coming in but then finally came to the small gate and there was the pub. Ran past there where spectators cheered you in oh and the food smelt good, and then down to the finish.

Well done to all members who ran, especially the 10 as I couldn’t have ran another lap!

Also well done Rachel and Rebecca on your first race.Rebecca took a fall by the monument but she said she did it in style, went down, rolled and jumped straight back up just like me!! I didn’t teach her that but welcome to the ‘falling over’ club!! (She was ok, seemed quite happy when telling us!)
Great event can’t wait till next year!! 😁