Christmas Party and Presentations 2019

34 members and partners enjoyed a wonderful evening of great food, plenty of drink, lots of dancing and some enthusiastic singing!  It was great to see a selection of long term members and new members enjoying themselves.  I'm sure everyone would agree that the venue, food and entertainment was excellent.  A big thank you to Hilary and Derek and all those who helped make the night a great success.



Ladies Champions Best of 5:  Leslie Matthews  (Senior)

                                                   Sarah Mcdermott 

Mens Champions Best of 5:    Nigel Newberry (Senior)

                                                   Paul Thomas


Ladies Champion Best 10:     Leslie Matthews


Men's Champion Best 10:      Paul Thomas


Most Improved Male:              Andy Gould


Most Impoved Female:           Sarah Mcdermott


Grand Slam Winners:             Catherine Moffatt

                                                 Nick Sale


Slam Winners:                        Eve Sale

                                                 Tracy Symes

                                                 Tina Beard

                                                 Steve Cousins                


Jim White Trophy:                  Martin Cook


President's Special Achievement: Andy Dickinson


Ladies SeniorLadies Best of 5


Most Improved Female


Most improved male


Grand Nick


Slam EveSlam Tina


Slam Steve