Blackdown Beast, Sarah McDermott

Thankfully the rain stayed away most of the week otherwise this course could’ve been a lot muckier than it was! Only George and myself tackled this self navigating run,unfortunately Nigel cried off sick on Friday. It turned out to be ok, we didn’t get lost, even with the mist coming in quite thick on the higher levels we were lucky enough to be running with a Honiton runner who knew the course! The first leg was the muckiest, but well worth it as at mile 7 a hot pasty and mulled cider awaits! It was great to have Caroline and Ben meeting us at 2 of the check points and providing us with a rush of sugar supplies! Before we knew it we were at mile 10,again the ‘Smith’s support’ team there and then on our way to the smallest pub in Devon and probably England!

Once we got there, George got us both a half pint of cider that went down well (considering I don’t normally drink cider!) George also made the smallest pub look even smaller when he was at the bar!!

So only 3 more miles to endure in what was then very misty and mostly all up hill until about the last mile. When we came out of the mucky fields, Ben was waiting for us t escort us back to the end!

Hopefully next year other club members will take this challenge on as it’s also good training for the grizzly!
Thank you Caroline and Ben for your support, you’re a dab hand at it now!!