History of Crewkerne Running Club 1990

Chard 10k
Not many Crewkerne runners (all hung over) but some pleasing performances. Bob Parsonson returned to running despite several set backs the previous year. He finished in his usual position in front of the ambulance and somehow had got two of his fingers bandaged up. Roy Smart was first super vet picking up a Trophy, Bottle of Sherry and a P.B. to boot. Derek and Chris also had P.B.s. This was despite Chris being pole axed by a Chard runner in the 1st mile. This was due to the Fun Run taking the wrong loop. After some Chard runners voiced their disgust at the Haselbury 10k going wrong it was good to see they could do as good a job. At the first turn off point runners were going in all directions.

Winsham Wander
To make it doubly difficult Roy decided to make it nearly all Cross Country (Training for the Grizzly). On a lovely warm sunny day he took us through mud, rivers, woods and farm yards. Nobody really knew where we had gone and that included Roy who had the map!!

The Grizzly 12
This event which again started at Beer was supposed to have been 2 miles longer than last year, but due to Gales and floods the previous week had to be changed which unfortunately increased it to 14 miles. Tony Gordon was first home in 2h 10mins. Anne Rose and Sue Kingston tackled the 5 mile event and reckoned it was harder than the 14. Mark Wills came a very creditable 6th in the junior race.

Not much happened in the way of events but reading Chris' notes I made another return from injury. Mal, Steve, Richard Charlton and Kevin Rosenberg got up early and travelled to Plymouth to a 10 mile event. Steve did well just finishing outside 60 minutes with the others around about 70 mins.

Alweston 10
Two comeback runs, Liz Snow after Skiing in the Alps and Martin Denmans first event of the year. Martin clocked his fastest time in ages (67 mins).

Bath half
Martin Denman being our only representative clocks 1h 37mins and picks up a smart medal. The previous year they had given out grotty mugs which put off many people from taking part.

One of our better innovations was the introduction of Cross Country runs. During the hot days it was getting a bit boring doing the same short road runs, so Richard, Clive and myself planned short runs across the fields and lanes around Crewkerne. This meant that everyone stayed together, walked when they wanted, socialised and enjoyed wonderful scenery.

Being brought up in Crewkerne, myself and Clive had an advantage on Richard so this gave him even better excuses for getting lost. During one attempt to get from North to South Perrott he lead everyone down the Waterloo line. I remember the one occasion when Richard had marked out a route on a photo copy of a map to take us around Seaborough, but one of the paths he had marked was in fact High Voltage Electricity Wires!

On one Cross country run Roy managed to hang his shorts on a gate with his bum still in them and was unable to move. Once rescued he had to complete the run (including South Street) with his shorts looking like a mini skirt. Chris Wills fell over on one Wednesday night run and while nursing him back to Leos I got stung by a wasp.
More and more members have taken up cycling, with Dave read doing his first Triathlon. It's to two wheels that we turn for our next pedalling disaster. Normally its Steve Wilby who supplies the stories but this year it Mal Higgins. One Saturday morning while out on his bike Mal went over the handlebars landing on his head. Anyone else would have been in trouble, but he got back on and cycled home, only to spend the rest of the weekend in bed with concussion. Mal and Pete Chatfield completed a course measurers weekend in London and Mal has since measured numerous courses in our area. I can't work out why he refused to measure the Grizzly course on his bike though.

Won by my good self just narrowly beating Sue Kingston by 1 second, with Mike Preece rapidly closing me down only 4 second behind. Extremely good handicapping by Chris (Especially since I won), placed the first 10 within a minute of each other and the last person (Anne) was only 5 minutes behind.

1 taunton 90 2 taunton 90

3 snowdon 90