Glastonbury 10K - Sarah McDermott

Well what can I say about this event,except  nothing but praise!! So well organised with apparently over 900 runners but it didn’t seem like there were that many. Before We were called up by our wave numbers, I’d already seen Adrian in his wave waiting to start, gave him an encouraging yell and soon after saw Tom Priest who had already finished his race! Also saw Lesley Matthews before she was called forward. Slight wait then for myself but found Hilary and Tracy so chatted with them before Hilary’s turn.Soon after was my turn that left Nigel and Tracy to wait for their call up.I joined my ‘wave’ and Stage by stage we were taken nearer the start and being briefed basically keep to the right as is a straight up and back. Soon the start was in sight and off we went. I managed to see Lesley coming back looking good, then saw Hilary coming back the way, then I got to the turnaround point and kept an eye out for Tracy and Nigel coming up the way to which we all shouted encouragement to each other. Also saw young Alex to which we both acknowledged each other.The field was so spread out there was never any worry about being in large crowds. 

Even at the end there was a one way system to which we then went on to collect our medal and a bottle of water that were placed individually for us to pick up. 
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