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Pre-London Marathon Supported Training Run


Pre-London Marathon Supported Training Run
Sun, 1. April 2018, 08:40 am - 14:00 pm
South Petherton Car Park (Co-Op) - South Petherton,


Our annual pre-London / Spring Marathon long training run of up to 22 miles will take place on 1st April

We have been organising this informal gathering of like-minded runners for the past 33 years now. This has always been held 3 or 4 weeks before the London Marathon, and is the final long run before training tails off. It is always difficult to cover this distance without help from someone of a similar pace or encouragement from more experienced runners.  

Therefore we invite members of all local clubs to join in. We will provide drinks at approximately 3-mile intervals, encouragement and transport back to the start for those runners who can’t complete the full distance. Afterwards we will be laying on tea, Coffee and cakes.

We will set runners off at different times e.g. 4 hour Marathon times + at or near 9.00 and faster runners (3 hours and less at 9:30). This will allow us to keep track of all runners without too much spread in distance. Start and Finish is from the at the bottom of the village (with recycle centre).

The route will be marked and maps and route descriptions will also be available but shouldn’t be required. 

This is also an ideal run for others who wish to encourage their Marathon runners by running part of the route with them. This is fine, but we have had problems in the past when we had a mass drop out at 15 miles. It would be better if some runners turn up later and run the latter stages, after all, this will be the parts that the runners will need the most help. The drink vehicles will have space for some of those who wish to start a few miles into the event but this can’t be guaranteed.