History of Crewkerne Running Club 1999

This year saw the club move from the Aqua Centre and become a member of the Crewkerne Sports club. The Club donated £100 to the Aqua Centre for its use over the past year. The club has gained several new members including Matt Bryant, Andy Parsons and the two teenagers Big Al and Claire.
After probably almost a decade, the club has entered teams in the Mendip duo and Longleat relays with some success.
During September a decision was made to organise a Multi-terrain event at Montacute to replace the Mud run. Thanks to Heather’s contacts with ‘The House’ and Fred’s route planning the sub committee set to work in organising the event. During a lively pub run at The Docks’ the race name was created.
Several recce runs and meetings later, most of the club and families were drafted in to help marshal. In the end the event was a great success with brief HTV coverage on a lovely day for running.

Donations were given to The National Trust ‘Montacute House’ for their appeal to purchase a stair lift. A donation was also given to The Yeovil Red cross who helped to provide medical support.

3rd January Axmouth Challenge, Heather, Sue, Fred and Roy- Conditions were better than previous years, and the finish was actually inside the village hall.
17th January Roy’s Winsham Run 10 runners, 1 walker (Hon. Sec) and George who read his paper. A nice morning if a bit muddy in places.
27th January Pub Run Several went back to the White Hart (Fred apologised for not telling everyone).
31st January Luppit Lollop Roy, Heather, Sue and Fred. Sue had to stop after 2/3 of race due to a twisted ankle.

7th February Blackmore Vale ½ Roy
22 February Babcary Fred, Sue, Chris, Martin D, Roy Heather and Brian.

14th March The Grizzly Sue, Fred and Tony Strugnell. (Derek and Martin Marshalled for 6 hours).
14th March Forest of Dean ½ Heather.
14th March Reading ½ Roy.
21 March Bath ½ Fred (1:16 P.B), Clive, Sue, Chris and George.
24th March Winter pub run Last winter pub run in Crewkerne 18 assorted club runners and friends took to the road for the last dark run this winter. We set off just after 6.30 making the most of the day light left making our way out on the mini marathon route to Hinton St George. Then returning to Merriott in the semi light, the torches came in very useful down this road as cars were a major problem and we could use the torches to warn on coming cars that we were running down the road. The way back to Crewkerne from Merriott was run in the dark via Rose Lane. After a quick shower at the Aqua Centre OK because there was no classes for swimming tonight, we went to the George for our grub again 18 people came along to the Pub. The Bar Food was excellent price shame about the size of the portions especially the all day breakfast. Great price on the dessert front Out Of Date Trifle for just 75p ,but not enough to go round. A very pleasant evening was had by all even though we had to sit in the bar area for our meal and not altogether in the restaurant.

28th March South Petherton run (the get fat run)
Cool start to the day for the marathon runners, every one was given their allotted starting time according to their estimated marathon time which Martin had all worked ready for everyone. Club members who were not running London came and ran some of the route at different stages Fred, Derek and Martin drove round the route supplying drinks and picking up runners and buddies along the way. The weather soon improved developing into a nice sunny day giving every one a chance to run in warm conditions. 22 people ran with 12 people finished the whole route .Most ran 15 miles with Clive stopping at 20 miles .Tim ran in two stages and so did Richard who had a rest for 6 miles, then ran in the last few miles with Paul. Refreshments were laid on in the car park from the van tea, coffee, hot cross buns, flapjack, mars bars, biscuits and George’s Christmas cake. THANKS to those who supported.

5th April Easter Bunny 10K Sue F, Fred, Martin D, Roy, Tony S, Heather and Brian
10th April Skittles evening White Hart 20 assorted club members, wives & friends attended and an excellent evening was had by all (even if some members did take the skittles a little too seriously). The two teams were decided by drawing either an ‘A’ or ‘B’ so that there would be no favouring the skittler’s amongst the gathering. Heather took on the responsibility of marking the scores. Jim, Fred, Brian & Richard took charge of sticking up and heckling each participant as their turn came.
2 and ½ hands were played prior to the food break the most memorable incident being Jan’s 14 spare, which she got, when Mal & Mick were out of the alley getting drinks.
The food was excellent piping hot and in copious quantities. Martin C. had so many chips they had to be share by the whole group (sorry Derek you missed out there). George went for the full 3 courses all in the name of carbo loading, Brian & Jackie were on their second meal of the evening having forgotten until the last minute that they were going out for the evening.

The skittles recommenced and at the half way stage the ‘B’ team seemed to be in complete control having won all 3 hands and the scores stood at ‘A’ team 218 ‘B’ team 229. Things started to hot up in the second half and the ‘A’ team started to turn things around with Jackie now happy that she had found a wet cloth and Jim, Mal & Mike starting to come into their own. The key hand in the game was the fifth when the ‘A’ team pulled 27 pins and took a 21 pin lead which was to prove unassailable even with Richard’s unauthodox ‘round the corner’ 16 spare and in the end the ‘A’team ended up worthy winners by 12 pins.

‘A’ team 440 ‘B’ team 428
Mal & Mike 53
Sue s. 50

11th April Taunton ½ Marathon Tony S, Chris
18th April London Marathon Sue(3h 23), Fred (2h51), George (3h33), Pete(4h +) & Mal (4h 30) 6 supporters also made the trip staying at The Clarendon Hotel booked by Roy.
25th April Butleigh Multi Terrain 7 (3rd SOM. SERIES) Sue F, Fred, Heather
25th April Pub Run The Royal George, West Coker 16 hardy runners turned up which came as something of a surprise as the weather seemed to be against us once again. The landlord was obliging and let us use the skittle alley to get changed in which gave us some shelter from the pouring rain. It was decided that because of the weather the planned route would be changed and we would stick to the road (it is hoped to run the off road route later in the year from another pub) so we ran the same route as last year. Sue, Heather and Ginny ran off road to save wear on Ginny’s feet. A mile or so into the run the rain stopped and everyone dried out and could appreciate the views from the ridges.
Martin, Janet and Pauline joined us at the pub after where 16 people enjoyed an excellent meal.

2nd May Lochaber Marathon Roy
2nd May Bourne Valley ½ Marathon Sue F. Fred
2nd May Great West Run Chris
2nd May Amesbury Amble Tony G, Jim, Mal
5th May Yeovil Town 5k Fred, Sue F, Heather, Tim
9th May Mid Cornwall Coastal Challenge Fred, Sue F.

16th May Neroche 10k Heather, Roy.
16th May Hardy Annual Sue F, Fred.
19th May Spring Handicap South Petherton Chris, Heather, Tim, Derek, Roy, Clive, Fred, Sue F, Jim,Sue S, Brian and Martin D
12 club members (& Anne) ran the spring handicap, which doesn’t seem to be as popular as the winter handicap. Martin again had the thankless task of the handicapping and again did a fine job.

After everyone had done their best with the times they had been given the winner was Chris, 2nd Heather and 3rd Tim (first time he had figured in the medal positions).
Many thanks to Anne and Chris for use of their garage (but not electric due to the power cut) and to Martin for the handicapping.
This year we went back to the Volunteer at Seavington for the presentation and food. 12 people attended and most sampled the excellent range of curries prepared by the landlady and they seemed to go down well (as did Fred when he fell off his stool). Anything that was left was hoovered up by the dogs (except the cassia bark).
The prizes were presented after the food and consisted of wine and biscuits. There was also a spot prize and a little something for the person whose handicap was the furthest out.

23rd May Bridport 10k Roy

5th June Dorset South Coast 24 Fred, Sue
6th June Crewkerne 9 (4th Somerset Series) Clive, Tim, Chris, Simon, Roy, Martin D, Brian, Jim, Max, Mal, Tony G.
13th June Mendip Duo Fred, Sue, Heather, Jim, Tony G
16th June Pub Run Hawkchurch
15 turned up at the Old Inn on a glorious evening whilst Martin Cook strolled around the village, the runners set off up the road and across the fields eventually skirting the edge of Lamberts Castle before returning via some muddy patches to Hawkchurch. Whilst inside the quaint pub, the pre ordered food soon arrived and we all soon tucked into our meals. George had to wait till last before he started his 3 courses, but did not take long to catch up. On the other table Clive was keeping everyone entertained with Doggy Builders tales and plans were made for the Cotswold relay.
23rd June Yeovil 5k Sue, Tim, Heather.
26th June Cotswold Relay Heather, Sue, Fred and Clive (Drafted Into the Yeovil Mixed Winning Team)

3rd July Quantock Beast Fred, Sue, Heather, Jim, Tony, Roy, Alaric.
10th July Charmouth Tim, Simon, Jim, Tony, Sue, Fred, Mal, Matt
11th July Wellington 10 Roy
17th July Maiden Castle Loop Heather
21st July Yeovil 5 K Heather
25 th July Tarrant Valley 10 Heather & Roy
28th July Pub Run Winyards Gap Inn
A wonderful summer’s evening encouraged 21 runners to make the trip up the hill to the pub. Motor bikes, mopeds, pedal cycles, kamper vans, and cars were used for this epic journey. A spot of car maintenance needed to be carried out on Martin’s car while waiting for everyone to arrive. Thanks to Mal and Tony for sorting out this excellent run. This must have been the most scenic run to date .We had terrific views of Dorset and then Somerset from the top in just a few yards. After the round up of cattle at the OK corral a little shouting from the farmer we made it back to the pub. 20 people stayed for excellent food and service provided by the landlords. So good that we have booked our Christmas meal from this excellent location on Friday December 17|th.


7th August Shaves Cross Heather, Roy, Derek, Martin D., Dave, Tim, Max
8th August Salisbury 5-4-3-2-1 Fred & Sue F.
11th August Haselbury Plucknett 5 (6th Som Series) Derek thanked the club members who helped with the run and was overwhelmed with the number of entries. Most were complimentary about the new route. After the run several club members together with some from Yeovil and Wells went to the White Hart in Crewkerne. Fred & Sue F., Heather, Roy, Martin, Chris, Simon, Clive, Dave & Andy
22nd August Dorset Doddle Fred, Sue F.
25th Aug Pub Run Rose & Crown
Heather’s run same as Martin’s but with a different finish. 23 runners including John from over the pond managed to make their way through the floods to dock at Dinnington. After the heavy rain during the day we had a dry sunny and interesting run, taking in new paths and Victorian letterboxes. The Rose & Crown did us proud with the food as usual even though we had to juggle the choice of meals people ordered. After everyone was sufficiently nourished the club members were asked to suggest a name for the off road run Crewkerne R.C. has just taken on from Yeovil Town. Mike was put in charge of making a list of suitable names and THE FULL MONTY “CUTE ’’ was born even though this name was not a suggestion in this form .A great evening was had by all.

28th August Goodridge Fell Race Fred, Sue F.
29th August Blaisdon Jelly Legs Fred, Sue.F.
29th August Langport 10k (7th Somerset Series) Heather, Big Al, Brian, Clive, Chris, Simon, Roy, Martin D.

4th Sept Corfe Beast Fred, Sue F, Heather, Roy
8th Sept Pub Run Lord Nelson 16 Runners came to Norton for our last summer pub run for this century. This time we did not do our usual route around Ham Hill. Fred took us around some of the FULL MONTY route in reverse finding as many hills as possible, Jim for some reason had to go back to his car and we managed to leave him behind and he did most of his run trying to find us, Thanks to Martin who was walking he found us just in time to go back to the cars (next year we will run Jim's route). As usual the pub was packed and we had to eat out in the skittle alley .The food was again very good a bit more up market than the pub before.
11th Sept Ash Excellent 8 (8th Somerset Series) Clive, Fred, Simon, Andy, Chris, Sue F, Heather, Roy
11th Sept Ash 4.5 Miles Brian
18th Sept Doone 10 Heather, Clive
18th Sept The Great South Run Chris
26th Sept Taunton 10k Roy
26th Sept Nottingham 1/2 Marathon Heather

3rd October Longleat Relays (9th Somerset Series)Chris, Simon, Andy, Clive, Big Al, Matthew, Roy, Martin D, Jim The senior team came 5th beating Yeovil.
3rd October Clarendon Way Marathon Fred, Sue F, Tony G, Mal (10 miles)
10th October Mendip Muddle Fred, Sue F, Heather
13th October Street 5k Matthew, Fred, Clive, Simon, Martin D, Heather, Sue F.
24th October Exmoor Stagger (10th Somerset Series) Fred, Big Al, Clive, Simon, Chris, Heather, Roy, Sue F, Claire.
31st October The Stickler Sue F, Fred, Heather, Jim, Tony G.
31st October Cheddar 10 (11th Somerset Series) Clive, Simon, Chris, Roy.

7th Nov Ilminster 10k Jim.
7th Nov New York City Marathon Sue F, Fred.
10th Nov Street 5k Fred, Clive, Simon, Chris, Andy, Roy, Sue F, Heather.
20th NovSkittles Evening & Social In The Sports Club
Yeovil town r.r.c and Langport runners were invited to come for the evening. We were almost caught on the hop when Steve Brown rang to say that 42 members wanted to come, in total over seventy people from all three clubs played skittles that evening.
Fred arranged for every one to play in pairs on the two alleys. On arrival every one took a number out of a bag which corresponded with another guest. This enabled every one to play over a short space of time. Refreshments consisted of jacket potatoes and a variety of salads, which we ate half way through the evening. Bottles of wine were given away in a free draw to the skittlers instead of giving them to players with highest score good time was had by all.

21st Nov Full “Monty” Recce Run
Running the “Monty” the morning after a club social was not really what every one wanted to do. But a bright sunny morning was just what every one need to encourage us in our way. Over 20 club members and friends enjoyed the hills around Montacute and Norton .the object of the run was to show every one the proposed route and where we would like every one to marshal. After 2 hours we arrived back feeling much better and ready for pub lunch down at the Fleur hopefully the route will be ok on the day of the race.
21st Nov Colyton 10k Derek
28th NovBrent Knoll (12th Somerset Series) Fred, Clive, Simon, Andy, Roy, Sue F, Heather.

--- Seven club members complete the Somerset Series ----
Fred (5th overall / 2nd mv40)
Clive (9th overall)
Roy (1st mv60)
Sue F. (4th overall / 1st fv45)
Heather (5th overall / 3rd fv35)

5th Dec The Full Monty Big Al, Clive, Simon, Chris, Dave.
8th Dec Street 5K Several members
12th DecClub winter handicap
A sunny but breezy morning greeted the 17 runners who were set off by Martin and Roy (watched by Andy). Jim set off late but by the crossing at the bottom of Merriott had caught Tony Gordon. But it was Chris Pinchbeck who crossed the finish line first, followed by Tony and Jim. Computerised results were available at the finish together with tea, coffee, biscuits, mince pies and Georges’ Christmas cake.

17th Dec Christmas dinner at Winyards Gap
About 30 members and partners attended an excellent meal, the best for many a year. The Handicap prizes were presented and Matthew provided live entertainment aided by Clive and Big Al.
19th Dec Pre Christmas run
Unfortunately Fred and Sue didn’t make it beyond the Old Bent Tree Café due to skidding of the road with all the mince pies and sausage rolls. Thanks to Clive for buying the drinks and Roy for stepping in to buy the Mince pies.
22nd Dec White Hart Pub Run About six members went back to the pub after the run.
26th Dec Round The Lakes Chris
26th Dec Stoke Stampede Roy
28th Dec Broadwinsor Pub Cross Country About 15 members came for an excellent run, over hills followed buy good food and beer. Thanks to Heather for organising.


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