Andy Dickinson's 10 Laps of the Monty Challenge

A massive well done to Andy Dickinson for completing 10 laps of the Full Monty course, he started at 8am yesterday morning with many of the club putting in laps with him to support him on his way,

Andy ran a total of 107.63 miles, this is not an easy route with 10 hills on the route.


Andy was joined by the following supporters for his challenge

Lap 1 - Andy Gould

Lap 2 - ran Solo

Lap 3 - Chris & Darren

Lap 4 - George

Lap 5 - ran Solo

Lap 6 - Clive

Lap 7 - Steve Smith

Lap 8 - Nick

Lap 9 - Fran, Sarah, Nigel England & Newberry, Gemma, Dale & Stuart

Lap 10 - Tamsin & Tracy


I'm sure once Andy has recovered from his epic challenge we'll have a report for next week's newsletter.


Andy with some of his supporters at the end.

Andy Finish