COVID19 - Club Rules (updated)


To be read in conjunction with England Athletics Return to Club Activity document –

EA Runner Guidlines


It is very important to ask yourself before leaving home: -

Have you been in contact with someone who has Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

Have you been overseas or exposed to someone with Covid-19 in the last 14 days?

Do you have Covid-19 symptoms or are you feeling unwell?

Have you been told to self-isolate as part of any contact tracing measures in place?

If you answer yes to any of the above please stay at home and do not attend the session.

If anyone becomes unwell with Covid-19 symptoms after training please first call your GP/NHS 111 and also inform one of the club run leaders or committee members


Nominated Run Leaders:


Sarah Warren - 07773208768

Derek Boles - 07929559652

Andy Dickinson - 07702708166

Darren Frost - 07714152954

Steve Cousins - 07843015031

Clive Harwood - 07881107495

Sarah Mcdermott - 07889285199


The run leaders will liase with the COVID-19 Committee to ensure all guidance is being adhered to.


General criteria / Risk Assessments

Before the departure of each running group we will complete a register of those taking part. This will be done as a booking system on facebook as a first come first served basis.
Once a group is up to a maximum of 6 runners (including a run leader) you may not be able to run. This is to assist in track and trace procedures in the event of a runner contracting Covid-19.

If you are unable to get on to your preferred group and another group has space you may book in to their event.

Please be considerate to other runners by not picking a group which is slower than your ability as this might result in someone who is slower than you not being able to run or might have to run in a faster group than they are comfortable with. There may be some juggling of positions by those in charge of booking before the deadline of 5pm on the day of the run.


Meeting Points

All groups are allocated an area of the Henhayes playing field (as the car park is being used for the vaccination centre) to meet to avoid breaking social distancing regulations.

Group A – Meet on the nearest corner of the rugby pitch

Group B – Meet on the mini football pitch just inside the gate from the car park 

Group C – Meet to the right of the gate near the pre-school window


Other Rules:

Runners are not to greet each other physically and must maintain social distancing regulations at all times.
Runners are encouraged not to sit down and should not use communal benches, seats, etc.
Runners are encouraged to wash their hands immediately before and after the run and use hand sanitising gel if available.
Drinks should not be shared or handled by any individuals other than the owner.
Remind runners to maintain social distancing during all aspects of the run especially at pinch points along a route.
Remind runners to not touch any equipment or clothing that is not their own.
Remind runners not to touch anything with their hands / bare skin wherever possible i.e. gates, stiles, walls etc.
All runners are encouraged to communicate with each other with specific reference to maintaining social distancing with members of the public.
Runners are encouraged to keep ICE (In Case of Emergency) tags on their person whilst running (these can be bought from
Remind runners that social distancing is as important after as it is during a run. When the run is over runners must leave the facility / meeting point immediately to avoid the gathering of groups.
Runners must wash their hands or use hand sanitisers as soon as practically feasible after the run.
Runners to be reminded not to help collect others clothing / equipment.
Runners must not share lifts unless individuals are from the same household.
New runners to the club must read a copy of this risk assessment and to provide contact details to the run leader prior to joining in with a club run.

Please also stay up to date with England Athletics Guidance on their website.

We will welcome thoughts, feedback or ideas as we develop this new normal training schedule.