Park Run - Clive Harwood

I thought it was about time to run another park run so with 2 grand daughters in tow  we arrived just after 8.30. I need a little time to prepare as it is said i usually find someone to talk to. This time it was Adrian Marriott a friend of mine since he was a young lad and raced with my son. Adrian is the course record holder for the 10k we hold at present and also for tje previous Crewkerne 9. Sadly he does not compete anymore.
I had a short warm up in the park spotting other club members.
The gun went off and in the initial dash i heard rythmic panting. Looking to my right was Zara at full stretch of the lead and Linda grimly hanging on.
A group of 4 were moving away and i could see Jason and Nick were there with Paul chasing. 
As ever i gave it a good go but thought i was a little off my previous pace. Surprise time. Results. Jason Scott 3 seconds off his pb. Excellant as he is freshly back from honeymoon in 1st place with Nick Sale who ran all the way to the last climb with Jason 2nd with a pb. Paul Thomas not too far off a pb in 8th place with myself in 11th with a pb.
What a great performance from the club. Well done to all who gave it their all.