Battle of Sedgemoor 10k - Tina Hewitt

I had a plan, this was the race I was going to get a 10k pb, I hadn’t had one since the easter bunny in 2016, 56.55 to beat.
I’ve been running much better this year, gradually getting some speed back, but the 10k? can’t quite get there! So I set my watch to get me in 55.30 - 56.30.I had studied the route, knew where the ups were, decided I had to run the first 3 miles slower, and have the energy to speed up for the second 3.2. The heat doesn’t really bother me, I purposely go out in the heat of the day, and have got quite good at ignoring it.
It all started rather well, although as per usual I went off too fast,(as we all do!) Keeping Lesley just in front, as she is always my pacer, I have no hope of catching her, but keeping her near was the key!
The first stretch down through langport, then a climb, I felt great, comfortable pace, chatting to various people along the way.My pace goal was 8.57 - 9.07, mile 1 8.40 mile 2 8.55, faster than I wanted, but mile 3 had the climb out of curry, so that came in at 9.13, still pretty much on track.
I now knew it was pretty much flat and down now, so pushed on, this is where I started to get the dreaded stitch!I remembered being told a while ago to exhale on the opposite side to the pain, so concentrated on this, and sure enough kept it at bay , mile 4 9.04.
Mile 5 I started to tire, the demons were nagging me…. you’ll have to walk, it doesn’t matter if you don't get the time you want…. you know the sort of thing, so I checked my posture, told myself I was feeling strong, only  2ish miles, pushed on and mile 5 9.26.
This is where Lesley got away from me, I decided to slow a little, I had some time , then I saw the church, the marshalls saying only 2 more corners, and you’re there, looked at my watch, and knew I was capable of doing this!!
Mile 6 was slow, 9.47, but now I just dug in and pushed all I had to the finish line, I couldn’t see the clock, but my watch put me over the line at 56.33, I was over the moon!!My official time was 56.49, so whichever I take, it is a pb, and all in all I thoroughly enjoyed it!It’s a nice route, well attended, well marshalled and well organised. I will be back next year.
Some more pictures of the day can be found here