Leg 7: Ham Hill to Haselbury Mill [10.6k]

NOTE: Some details may alter as circumstances change, so keep looking [updated 13/03/2018]

Start at Ham Hill - End at Haselbury Mill:

Indicative Route:


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Start at Norton car park, joining trail  here


After leaving car park leave main path turning right to descend


Turn right again to descend into Little Norton via lane


Join lane, turning left to descend into Little Norton


At junction turn Right heading towards Norton Sub Hamdon


At Greenhams Cross turn Right


Continue past pub and take 2nd Left into Little Street


Shortly after where Little Street bends to right turn Left into fields following RPT path


Continue along RPT path through fields following RPT signs (one two three)


At Coleford Bridge turn right (still in field following boundary with road)


Cross Crewkerne Martock road to pick up path on opposite side of road


Continue following path heading slightly North to Creedy Bridge (one two)


Turn Left in lane and continue for short distance turning left into fields to resume RPT heading South


Path turns right leaving river, heading towards Wigborough


Pass Wigborough Manor on left and continue down lane


Pass right turn off lane and buildings on right


Turn left off lane to resume RPT


Cross over Garstone Lane track heading South to Merriott (one two)


Pass buildings on left where RPT joins road into Merriott


Pass a right turn signposted Hinton St George, continuing downhill into Merriott


Turn Left into Tail Mill Lane


Continue along lane passing Merriott House and Tail Mill


Cross main road and turn left, enter fields on opposite side of road, via entrance to left and not directly opposite


Rejoin RPT and continue across edge of fields


Cross River Parrett using bridge


Turn Right and follow river towards Haselbury Mill


Pass Haselbury Mill low down on your RHS.

End of leg is by gate near corner of field and before going onto lane [see 'Special Handover Arrangements' below]

Special arrangements for baton handover at end of leg:

It is unlikely that the tunnel under the A30 will be reopened in time for this year's event.  To avoid crossing this fast and busy road in 'race mode' there will be a mandatory 5 minute intermission in the race timing to enable the baton to be taken calmly from the end of Leg 7 to the start of Leg 8 on the other side of the A30.

We are relying on each team to observe the duration of this intermission, delaying setting off on Leg 8 until the full 5 minutes is reached.  If the road is exceptionally busy take as long as is necessary to cross the road safely and later advise the Race Organiser of any extra delay incurred so your race time can be adjusted.

The schematic below indicates the relationship of the leg end/start locations and the route between.

Additional information:

At Ham Hill, although Norton Car Park is reasonably large please be as considerate as possible to other users. If at all congested please use one of the other nearby car parks, several of which are within a short walking distance.  Also, if leaving cars unattended for any length of time it may be wise to use one of the more central parking areas.
If you haven't visited the area before the country park is well worth a walkabout.  Aside from the views, the quarry working and general historical interest, there is often and ice cream van at the view point car park and The Prince of Wales pub is also worthy of a visit for coffee etc.

At Haselbury and by kind permission of the Mill owners, there is off road parking being made available 'on the day only' in the field opposite the entrance to the Mill.  Please look out for 'PTR' signs and when in field park on the gravel area next to the hedge by the lane.

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