Championship Rules

 Crewkerne Running Club Championship 2022


1. There are 16-49 and 50+ age categories for male and female Club members. The age category is decided by the age of a Club member on 01/01/2022.


2. The first Club member in an event is awarded 30 points. The next Club member in the same category receives 29 points, until no points are remaining.


3. A point is awarded for finishing any event in the Club Championship.


4. An extra point is awarded to any Club member after competing in 5/ 8/ 11 events. A total of 3 extra points are available.


5. Anyone competing in the Portland 10 event is awarded double points.


6. The finishing position at Frogmary Parkrun is determined by age graded results. The results of the Merriott Handicap is determined by a predicted finishing time set by the handicapper.


7. There are bonus points available for achieving a Personal Best (PB) in each of the Merriott Handicap and Frogmary Parkrun events. Anyone achieving a PB is awarded a bonus point in these events. It is therefore possible to earn 6 bonus points throughout the Club Championship.


8. There are no PB bonus points available for any of the other events due to differences in distance and terrain


9. The points total at the end of the Club Championship is calculated by adding the most number of points in 5 events and any extra or bonus points. 10. Anyone competing in an event in the Club Championship should wear the Club running top when possible.