Handicap Stats (Most Improved Runners 2022) - Darren Frost

The most improved runner awards are based on members times at the monthly handicaps.

We had nine handicaps in 2022 (unfortunately had to cancel two due to the bad weather in November and December)

Twenty-two people took part in at least one,  nine people did four or more

The quickest time around the course was Ben in an impressive time of 28:28

The most improved female award went to Leslie Matthews who took part in all nine, winning four of them (three in a row) even though each time she won her handicap was adjusted.  Over the year she improved her time by three minutes


The most improved male was a closer affair as several of the guys take part regularly and have become very consistant with their times with only small improvements.

The winner was Andy Dickinson who improved his time by ninety seconds, pretty good for someone who prefers to run much longer events!